Luxury, Minimalism, Fantasy, Respect for Function do not exclude – but complement each other

Innenarchitektin Sibel Huhn

Born in Istanbul, based in Berlin Sibel Huhn has from early on come to appreciate the richness and offerings of different cultures. As  a graduate engineer she has absorbed the physics of architecture  - as interior designer  the beauty of structure and proportion.  Both have laid the foundation of her unique design concept. The full service of planning, designing and managing relieves customers from the hassle a complex project usually causes. The result will radiate fantasy, passion, elegance and devotion to the harmony of structures, to the balance of luxury and minimalism. The aesthetics of beauty – like the law of physics - have no national boundaries. The respect for both are fundamental to her distinctive international style. WHEther in a private residence, a yacht, a private plane or an office space the team seek to create meaning and connection through a distinct sense of place.